Interview with George Blumenthal, Model and MC

MC artist George Blumenthal is here to talk to us us about his tracks, being a young artist and his connection to streetwear through the love of his music. 

When did you first start to MC? 

I've been playing around with language since as far as I can remember, which evolved into raps when I was around 13.

Who produces your tracks? 

I found most of the Instrumentals for the songs up now just stumbling across them on YouTube. At the moment I'm collaborating with a few talented producers that I know personally like, El Londo.  

Would you like to produce your own tracks in the future? 

At one point I did experiment with making instrumentals but I've since realised that I'd rather concentrate on the lyrics as I consider myself a writer rather than a musician, meaning it's important for me to find talented musicians to collaborate with.

Was there a particular issue that inspired "Wannabe Trapper"? 

The predominant topic of the song is about how many rappers talk about the same things such as selling drugs and the large appeal of it genuinely annoys me because so much more is possible in poetry and rap. It's about how I'm breaking convention by not rapping about these things that I constantly hear. 

Who are your biggest influences?

Too many. They range from old school grime MC's such as Wiley to newer ones such as AJ Tracey, Joe James, Novelist, House Of Pharoahs, Dave and many more low key artists I find on soundcloud. I'm also influenced heavily influenced by UK hip hop artists such as Jehst, Loyle Carner and Ocean Wisdom, as well as old school hip hop MC's such as Rakim and Big L. 

Have you grown up listening to Hip-Hop/grime music or is it a genre you have become more passionate about as you started making music?

My love for hip hop and poetry started with Eminem who I listened to a lot when I was younger. I soon developed a connection with grime as living in London, it's literally on your doorstep. Grime does get heavy at times so I listen to a lot of hip hop too, mostly artists from the UK. I love to make songs of both genres as they are very different, grime being more about the flow and the hype, while I find hip hop a way to express my deeper emotions.

As an MC have you collaborated with other artists? If not who would you like to collaborate/work with

I haven't collaborated with many artists so far, although I have a tune coming soon with Kirby Forest, who's a sick upcoming MC. I'm always looking to find other like minded artists. One day I hope to work with Dave, who I truly think is one of the most talented rappers right now.

There's a strong link between Grime music and Streetwear, would you say your music has influenced your style or vice versa?

Fashion and music definitely come hand in hand living in London, and each influences the other. I would say that style has influenced the music that I make greatly especially considering the fact one of my first breakthroughs in music was through the Basement, a group based off streetwear and fashion.

As a young artist where would you like to be In a few years time?

In a few years time, I hope to be more recognised, like any artist. In a couple of years after finishing school I will have the time to properly focus on music so I'll be banging out a lot of tunes.

When you're not sleeping what are you dreaming of?

Good question. I dream of success and recognition as an artist and lyricist. 

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