Dream Team : Ola

Next up in our weekly Dream Team profiles is Ola, A Production Assistant at 'Dream But Do Not Sleep.'

What do you do: I do the general production and processing of orders, setting up machines, sending customer emails etc, but I mainly focus on the social content. I might of slid in your DM's asking to feature you on our Instagram page.

My favourite Dream But Do Not Sleep Graphic is the 1990s 3D Grid 

My top SE London spot is I Go Chop, it's perfect because it's close to my house, good Nigerian food, good service and good prices.

During the day i'm most likely to play almost anything on NTS radio. I normally start of with 'The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show with Charlie Bones', then I'll work my way through past playlists of other DJ's I like.

I can not wait to see Kelela in concert at the end of the month. I've seen her once before and she was amazing, so i'm really looking forward to her performing the tracks off her new album.

The first album I ever bought was Usher - 8701. Totally inappropriate album for a 12 year old, lol, but even so many years later I know every single lyric and adlib.

The first gig I ever went to that I remember paying for was probably an N.E.R.D. concert, super happy that they are releasing new music.

If I had to be locked in a London building over night, it would probably be a department store like Selfridges or Harrods. It has everything you would ever need to be fed, clothed and entertained. 

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