Dream Team: Max Birtles

First up in our weekly Dream Team profiles is Max Birtles, the Creative Director and Founder of 'Dream But Do Not Sleep.'

What do you do: I do all the designing, photography, and general day to day management at DBDNS.

I can not live without a smoothie every day.

I can not wait to see Stranger things series 3. I got through series 2 in a couple of days... I don't know if I can hold out another year for series 3... I might have to re-watch the first 2 series again to keep me going!

The first album I ever bought was High Contrast- Tough Guys Don't Dance.

My favourite album of all time is Prodigy- Experience.

My greatest inspiration is ... This is a tough one as I feel that what and who inspires me is always changing. An inspiring moment and influential experience which has changed the course of my life would be going to Outlook Festival back in 2011. I returned from the festival feeling incredibly inspired by the fact that there were so many creatives/ DJs making a living doing what they loved, and it was this experience which inspired me to set up DBDNS.

During the day i'm most likely to play any music that's really chilled out. Playing DnB all day gets a bit much...

My favourite Dream But Do Not Sleep Graphic is the Dream Casino Fruity Slots design.

My top Catford spot is Little Nans cocktail bar. They know how to make a tasty cocktail! Careful though... They are lethal!

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