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Autumn/winter 2017 photoshoot recap

We took weeks and weeks to decide the location of the first AW17 photo shoot, and it wasn't until I visited the Barbican estate on a day off, that I realised it would be the perfect location to shoot our first collection of the new season. The concept behind the collection was of an idealised vision of the future, whilst encompassing a feeling of hedonistic escapism. The feel of the estate is very futuristic in a dated, but also timeless way and fitted the aesthetic of the collection perfectly.

On the day of the shoot we were greeted by heavy drizzle so took shelter whilst the models changed into the first looks of the day. Thankfully once they had changed the drizzle had slowed down, and the shoot began.

This was the first shoot I had photographed myself in several years, and it felt good to be behind the camera again. Molly (who works at Dream But Do Not Sleep) assisted on the shoot taking behind the scenes footage on film, polaroid, and VHS camcorder.

The vibe on the day was good, and the shoot ran very smoothly. Since getting the embroidery machine earlier this year we now have a lot of new garments including joggers, caps, side bags, and denim jackets. The highlight of which has to be our denim jackets. They feature large embroidered designs on the back which take up to 2 and half hours to embroider!

Shout out to the models (AlessandroIzzy), and Molly for assisting. Have a sneak peak below of what's dropping over the next month or so.

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