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Easy Halloween Costumes

The nights are quickly getting colder and darker, must only mean one thing; Halloween. You don’t have to spend tonnes this year on one off costumes with hefty price tags, Dream But Do Not Sleep have got you sorted. Turn your DBDNS clothing into easy halloween costumes. All you need now is a few extra accessories and you’re ready to spook everyone out and still have sick garms to wear all year round.

90s ravers

Relive the highlight of the raving days and use this as an opportunity for crazy accessories and hair. Create the vibe with the 'Dream Globe Rave Flyer' denim jacket and safety green 'Spaced Out' garms. Go wild with some colourful hair and add accessories like dummies, sunglasses and sweatbands.

Black Denim Jacket With Dream Globe Rave Flyer Embroidery - £124.99

Safety Green Hoodie With Spaced Out! Design - £39.99

Black Short Sleeved T-shirt With Rave Flyer Print - £24.99

90s gradient Transparent Cat Eye Coloured Sunglasses - £24.99

Lime Green Bum Bag With Utopia Embroidery - £29.99


You will be killing the living with 'The End Is Near' military green t-shirt. For your haunted zombie look use some face paint for the barely alive look and fake blood. 


Military Green T-shirt With 'The End Is Near' Design - £24.99

Military Green Hoodie With Printed 'The End Is Near' Design - £49.99

PE Teacher 

We all had an over enthusiastic PE teacher, recreate the look with some of 'Dream Sports' gear. Get the full co-ord and don’t forget to add a sweat band, stopwatch, whistle and some sports equipment of your choice.


Red 1/4 zip sweatshirt With Dream Sport Design - £24.99

Red Short Sleeved T-shirt With Dream Sport Design - £29.99

Red Shorts With Dream Sport Embroidered Logo - £44.99 

Red Dad Cap With Dream Sport Design- £29.99

Also available in Blue and Black.

Fortune Teller

Spook everyone out this year and uncover what the future holds with the 'Look Into My Eyes' graphic. Complete the Fortune Teller look with some tarot cards, a crystal ball and a turban.


Light Purple Short Sleeved T-shirt with 'Look Into My Eyes' Graphic - £24.99 


Probably the easiest costume out of the bunch and you’re left with a sick hoodie to wear for the rest of the year. When someone asks you want you came as all you have to do is put your hood up.


Chinese Dragon Design On White Hoodie - £59.99

Chinese Dragon Design On A Gold  Hoodie - £59.99

90s/00s Throwback 

You know we love the 90s, so we’ve got you sorted with sick 90s graphics such as the yellow sweatshirt with printed DBDNS cassette graphic or the classic 90s gradient print on a long sleeve t-shirt. Finish off the outfit with accessories such as a beatbox, rope chain or backwards cap.

Yellow Sweatshirt With Printed DBDNS Cassette Graphic - £49.99

Colourful 90s Gradient Design On White Long Sleeved T-shirt - £34.99

Jazz Cup Short Sleeved T-shirt (White) - £24.99

Acid Yellow Cap With Utopia Embroidery - £29.99

If you come up with any other outfit ideas using Dream But Do Not Sleep clothing, don't forget to tag us on instagram or let us know in the comments.

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